Perspiration Pals 15 July 2021

Hi Pals! Stop counting your proteins unless you don’t mind counting up to about 100,000. I once referred to people as walking cucumbers because of the percentage of water stored in our bodies but now I’d say we are emotional walking protein bars.

This raises a question for today. A couple of weeks ago I went to our local sports shop and I was quite surprised by the dizzying array of protein bars on display. I occasionally have one, usually when I’m at work because it’s a convenient snack before I go home and start working out but I’m not particularly fond of them. Do you regularly eat protein bars? Are they actually good for us?

I’m going to do Day 3 of Flex (the programme) after posting today’s PP thread. It’s a tough routine with Kelli&Daniel and I’m still a bit sore from day 1. What about you?

Apparently, my mini lifebook is also on holiday because it doesn’t say anything for today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, well until Sunday so it’s basically Fill In The Blanks Day(s).