2 Week Abs Challenge — Day 10 - complete!

Today's workout with Daniel was fun and challenging, especially those side plank dips and t-stabilization planks (hello, shoulders!), and really loved the shell back extensions!

The EC cardio + Pilates is a newer workout with Kelli and was surprisingly pleasant for those who don't usually love cardio, especially having some less common exercises which got the HR up without high impact and no exercises needed to be modified for injuries. It was just the right amount of cardio for the heat and felt like a fairly decent workout without causing a heat-induced meltdown something more intense might have. It's definitely a new workout for the favorites list! :)

Today's workouts were over far too quickly, even with the opressive heat! It is certainly unexpected to be enjoying this 2 weeks Abs challenge so much, coming from usually dreading Abs workouts altogether. Perhaps the heat has shifted everything into a parallel universe where Abs are totally fun, lol! ;)

Tomorrow is a choice between kickboxing with Kelli and pure UB strength (yay!) with Daniel. It's a no brainer - pure strength is the only option since kickboxing aggravates injuries and is really no fun, haha. ;)

Hope you're surviving the heat, and happy Blending everyone! :)