Perspiration Pals 14 July 2021

Hello there, Pals! I have a confession to make. I nearly forgot to start the thread because I’m OFF WORK. Oh, so you don’t have time, now you have time, I hear you say. Well, in a way, yes. Don’t you feel that you have to do everything in the world once you can take a relatively short break from earning a living?

For a while, we’ve been talking about muscles and bones so I thought it’s time to start talking about what makes them stay alive and/or grow. So I decided to dig up, I mean to make you dig up, interesting facts about some of the nutrients we definitely need to survive. For example, do you know how many different proteins there are in the human body? It’s quite a large number. If you can name a few, you get extra points.

So what protein types are on the menu today? And how are you going to exercise those muscles to make them stronger? I did Day 1 of the Flex programme yesterday and so I’m planning to go for a bike ride in the afternoon which is going to be my lower body routine for the day.

Happy 14th July, French Blenders! I suppose you’re also off work today. Have fun! If you have to work, have an easy day!

All right, Pals, I need to rush. Talk to you later!