WorkoutComplete After Over a Year! 😁

Hello Blender Peeps!

Technically doing my physical therapy exercises count but I meant in terms of FitnessBlender workouts. 😁

I just completed this ( as recommended by Zondu (huge thank by the way). It was a 10 minute low impact workout that well kicked my butt. I had to modify IMMENSELY I'm talking modifying modified moves and then modifying the modified moves that I modified...makes sense? Good. (I'm confused too don't worry. πŸ˜‚) Therr were moves I could do, moves to be modified, as I mentioned, and moves I couldn't do at all. Now I did have my physical therapy exercises to do so I did most of them before (as part of my warm-up along with this ( and the more advanced exercises I did for those exercises that were too much, difficult, painful, cause discomfort and I just couldn't do. It ended up being about an hour but most of the moves I did are stretches.

Something I learned from doing just that 10 minute routine or rather what I could do is I have a LONG way to go. The most basic of movements were difficult for me which was surprising but not discouraging. Why? Well honestly because I get to relearn and redo everything I already know but this time around much slower, with more knowledge, better form, and have fun again. I mean why not right? Having a "second chance" if you will really does wonders (depending on the situation) for me anyway. So that's how I view this situation.

Anyway, it really was fun to do this even if it was short. It's like FitnessBlender always says, "10 minutes are ALWAYS better than nothing at all." Even five minutes or even a minute still is rewarding. Also, don't feel bad if you don't get anything in either. Stuff happens after all. It felt good to move like that again and I'm really learning the importance of modifications. I used to hate modifying...well not hate it but kind of feel weak but I will say I'm thankful modifications exist. Without them well people like me with pains or others with injuries, etc wouldn't have anything to do and just because something is modified doesn't mean it's easy.

Sometimes it would feel like certain modified moves are harder than the advanced versions. Is that just me?

Anyway, my body feels sore right now which is crazy but awesome. I never got sore this quick but it makes sense considering my circumstances. So tomorrow may just be a doozy especially in my core. Haha! I can't wait. Is that weird?

Also, I forgot to mention this was a test to see how my body and joints would feel and the progress I made. No pains as of yet so that's good. Doing the workout there was a bit but I modified accordingly. After I feel fine but sore. The ultimate test is painwise how I feel tomorrow.

Have a Blessed day!