2 Week Abs Challenge — Day 9 - complete!

Today's HIIT + LB strength training with Daniel was over all too quickly. The short HIIT was doable as-is with the exception of jumping lunges which had to be modified to switchfoot jumps for the knee. It was an interesting format to have HIIT, strength, HIIT, strength - hard to say if it was better or not, but it definitely made the HIIT less daunting and more doable for those who aren't HIIT-crazy! ;)

The 6 rounds of various deadlifts at the end was a bit more challenging than usual after having expended the majority of energy on the 2 HIIT and 1st strength training portions. And the thoracic extensors and QL began to complain about halfway through, so the weights had to be decreased in order to maintain good form and full ROM. Otherwise, overall a fun workout and even the HIIT was good! :)

Does anyone else find the toes-in deadlifts and stretches much easier than toes-out? Daniel has mentioned that toes-in deadlifts and stretches are really challenging for him, yet the toes-out are much more challenging here. It seems to depend mostly on one's hip shape - for some internal rotation is a breeze while for others external rotation is the easier motion.

Tomorrow's scheduled workout is a killer core workout + short EC cardio - looking forward to having the cardio come after the Abs strength training -- will be needing all the extra oomph possible for tackling those 5 sets of non-stop doubles of Abs exercises, haha! ;)

Hope your week is going well, and happy Blending everyone! :)