PT update!

so i had a checkin with the head therapist today. he was amazed at my progress!

starting this past monday my ankle no longer hurts, not even when i drive(knock on wood) and im not taking meds in the afternoon anymore. the only thing that still hurts is my piriformis muscle and he found some spasm in my lower back but compared to even just a few weeks ago, i am much better. also he said my hips are now in line!

he said i could do the recumbant bike(the one with the back) if i wanted and water therapy but otherwise for now continue low impact cardio, yoga, pilates and stretching.

he thinks about 2-3 more weeks of PT and in that time theyre gonna start working me up to begin getting back to working out. he had me do some strengthening exercises today and i got to use the step! woo!

i finally have my Ortho appt on Monday and he wants me to keep it just for the consult

thank you everyone for your support! ❤️