Perspiration Pals 8 July 2021

Hi there, Pals! First of all, let me apologise if I couldn’t get back to you yesterday. I’m not saying I’m busier than I usually am but I’m getting sluggish and quite overwhelmed by things, especially at work. But enough about me, let’s get cracking with today’s thread.

Yesterday’s question was about our largest organ which is our skin. Its primary functions are protection (hence the security guy meme), heat regulation, secretion, sensation. Isn’t it sensational?

Talking about senses, are you one of those who sneeze when looking at the sun? (or really bright light) Why do you think that happens? And what’s ‘stronger’? Our sense of smell or our sense of taste?

As for workouts, I’m going to do Day 9 of the Bored Easily Challenge which is an upper body routine with Daniel. There’s also an extra credit challenge but we’ll see. How about you?

PS, we are still looking for a volunteer host for Monday(s). Thank you.