Perspiration Pals 7 July 2021

Hello Pals! Did you count your ribs last week? Anyone having an extra rib…? Also, if you can actually count all your ribs you have a problem. You’ve come to the right place, though. Unless you’re a zombie. We can do kickboxing moves and run rather fast so you won’t be able to taste our deliciously smart brains.

We’ve been talking a lot about bones and muscles. We know the name of the smallest and largest muscle and bone too but do you know what the largest organ in the human body is? What are its main functions? The picture might provide a subtle clue about one of the functions.

So what’s scheduled for today? Medieval torture with Daniel? Introduction to ‘How to be a Contortionist?’ with Kelli? Or modern torture – EMOM – with Tasha? I’m starting the second week of the Bored Easily Challenge. It doesn’t make me bored so it’s effective.

My mini lifebook says it’s Tell the Truth Day. There are probably countless studies on the number of lies the average person tells each day. Let’s forget about those and tell at least one thing that’s true. So here it is: I do believe in online friendship because friendship is not about proximity.

PS, Toasty asked me to tell you that Adrienne is hosting on Friday, Thank you, Adrienne!