Week 26 goal evaluation / 6 month evaluation

We are halfway through the year, so it’s time to evaluate my year goals along with my weekly goals. In january I set the goals for myself:

*Boulder all level 4 boulders with ease: I’m at level 4- now, I am doing level 3 with relative ease, level 4 is still a bit hard, but I flashed one today (topped it on the first attempt) and I can climb some of them, so I think I will reach this goal.

-Be able to do 10 consecutive full body push-ups: I can do 1.. I am doing more half pushups though.

-Be able to do at least one (assisted) pull-up: uhm no way near..

-improved finger grip: getting there. I have been training it since this week.

*Lose 8 kg slowly so it stays of (goalweight 67 kg): I am at 69 now. I have stopped tracking since June, so I haven’t lost weight since then, but I have been stable..

-eat clean / healthy breakfast and lunch: going pretty well

-eat clean / healthy snacks: morning and afternoon: often

-less bacon!: doing good with that

*Flexibility: wide stance toe touch with both hands on the floor: YES!

-improve flexibility of the psoas: stretching more often

*Assisted hand stance: have not been practicing this

-get over fear!! :) Bouldering has made me overcome lots of fears

-improved core strength: and also improved core strength

-improved arm strength: and arm strength.. So I’ve got the bases covered..

So those were my yearly goals, this week I had these goals:

Practice grip with putty every evening for 5 minutes per hand: done, will keep doing that this week.

20 step ups with right foot on box, highest side, per day: done. I can push up with my right leg now on the highest side, but it is not completely stable yet. I will continue this goal. I do them after my workout, before the cool down. It really helped with my bouldering today.

Keep phone (and/or work) off the table when I eat: done in the mornings and most lunches. At work it is hard to do that..

Catch up on my sleep.. I’ve had too many short nights these past weeks.. I need to go to bed earlier again: yeah, no.. So yesterday evening I went to bed at 21.30 and caught up on a lot of sleep. I need to do better again this week.

I took another picture this morning for comparison. I feel healthy and strong. I will keep training my right leg and my hands this week. Sleep better and eat without distraction from phone (or work, I will try again).