Freestyling some killer classics during a deload week

Deload week between FB Fit R3 and the 2 week Abs Challenge has been an adventurous pursuit of finding old, classic FB workouts to add to the favorites list which haven't been done before (or not in a very long time).

Today was a LB+core day, freestyling several fun FB classics:

1. Short & sweet cardio warm-up with Kelli (5 min) -- no repeated intervals makes it fly by quickly!

2. Killer, classic Pilates workout with Daniel, the abs and glutes are burning! Perhaps it's a foreshadowing of next week's dreaded Abs Challenge, lol?! ;) (24 min) -- those "wide leg lifts" right after the heel taps were a challenge - the glutes were definitely talking!

3. Burn-out hamstring/glutes round with Kelli (7 min) -- anyone else have a hard time with the "prone bent knee lifts" (very similar to the still-impossible prone frog leg lifts) at the end? Wow, they were tough!

4. Quick standing cooldown & stretch with Kelli (5 min) -- LOVE the standing glute stretches - a sneakily good way to use the leg muscles while stretching others!

All-in-all, today was an effective low-impact LB+core workout with all 4 old classic videos added to the favorites list. :)

Hope your weekend is going well so far, and happy Blending everyone! :)