Feature request: shareable routines

Dear FB Team!

Thanks to this great Community, I have found a workout partner (hi Elisabeth!) and we've been working out 'together' for almost a year now! We've already done several programs and challenges, throwing in a week of rest or scheduling workouts ourself every now and then.

Now after finishing Fit R3 (a great program by the way!), we decided to do our own 2-week challenge, building our own routine from all those recently released workouts that we haven't gotten around to trying yet.

That led us to the idea that it would be a great addition to the routine feature if we could share routines with the FB community! It could be like a database with filters, and when creating a routine, members could choose whether they want their routine to be public or not. Maybe there could be an option to leave notes or reviews on other people's routines. That would also make the organization of Community challenges SO much easier.

Of course, it would require some supervision so people don't upload already existing FB programs as routines - but I think it would be a nice upgrade for the routines feature, that the entire FB (Plus) community would benefit from!