Perspiration Pals 1 July 2021

Hello there, Pals. How are you today? Did you count your bones in your hands and feet? All 106 of them? Make sure you don’t break any of them because then there’ll be no jump squats and burpees. Wouldn’t that be horrible? Oh yes… I hear you say.

I don’t really know what happened to June but here we are starting the second month of summer (winter in the southern hemisphere). I’m looking forward to my annual summer holidays like a tired polar bear that suddenly spots a small ice floe wondering what makes them melt so quickly. Yesterday, we talked about the number of bones in our hands and feet and my next question is about our ribs. How many ribs do we have? You can google the answer, you don’t need to have an X-ray, don’t worry.

And what’s going to make your heart, which is protected by your ribs, beat faster? Love or exercise? I’m going to continue the Bored Easily Challenge with Day 2 which is an upper body routine. For some reason, not quite clear to me, I prefer upper body routines to lower body ones. You?

My mini lifebook is quiet today so we’re simply celebrating being alive. Have a nice day, everybody!