New Plus Workout: Lower Body Workout with Bands, a Step & Dumbbells

Good morning!

How is everyone doing today? We've just released a new Plus workout:

46 Minute Lower Body Strength Workout with Resistance Bands, a Step, and Dumbbells

This workout combines opportunities to lift heavily with exercises that target smaller support muscles of the lower body. I couldn’t believe how much I sweat during this workout - I loved it and plan to come back to this routine to try and out lift myself! I hope you enjoy it, too. This strength workout uses isolation work, banded exercises, a step (or stair), and dumbbells, though you can still get in a great workout without any equipment at all. Warm up and cool down are included and low impact modifications are provided where necessary.

We just had a long weekend of unusually high heat here in the PNW. We had three consecutive days over 100 degrees, topping out at 107 degrees yesterday - well over 30 degrees higher than our normal June temperatures and far hotter than we've ever recorded before. Because our area never sees this kind of heat, most people/homes don't have air conditioning. Not going to lie, it was an uncomfortable weekend!

Now that it's cooled off a bit, I'm going to tackle this new workout right now (before we make our steady climb back up to the high 80's today). Surprise, surprise; the impact of weather/temperature is yet another thing that should be considered before you jump into a workout!

How many of you are trying this new workout today? Don't forget that right now you can get 35% off of a Plus membership - or any other programs onsite.

Have a good day!