Week 25- Yoga camp complete / goal evaluation

Hi all. This weekend I was a t yogacamp. I turned off my phone on Friday evening and turned it back on Sunday afternoon, it was wonderful. I read, I did yoga, I went for a walk, I even painted a happy stone (I am not a crafty person). We did yoga with a drink in your hand which was as fun as it sounds :) Yoga on the fitnessball (which is as hard as it sounds), we woke up early with tea/coffee, meditation, a do-in class (Japanese style yoga, I skipped those, not a fan) and then a healthy, vegetarian breakfast. We were a group of 30 women, which was quite weird because this was the first big gathering for me in at least a year. It was a lot of fun and it made me realise that I can do without my phone easily. So, I am going to try to stay in that mindframe for as long as possible. The mindful mealtimes went well at camp, no phone during anything.. This morning at breakfast I left my phone off the dinner table, so yay!

Doing okay on the snacking, not great, but okay...

I went bouldering with Tjeerd this afternoon. Managed to top one I hadn’t before after some tips from another climber. I practiced my step ups nearly every day. I got some clay/putty from work to practice my grip, but haven’t used that a lot yet. I did no stretching of the psoas, I think I planned a bit too much last week.

So, goals this week:

Practice grip with putty every evening for 5 minutes per hand

20 step ups with right foot on box, highest side, per day

Keep phone (and/or work) off the table when I eat.

Catch up on my sleep.. I’ve had too many short nights these past weeks.. I need to go to bed earlier again.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? And how are you doing with your goals? Let me know! xx