Perspiration Pals 24 June 2021

Hi there, Pals! How are you today? Sweating is a fabulously effective way to regulate body heat and I kept telling myself that as I was walking home yesterday in the heat… But enough of this summer issue and let’s get cracking on the thread.

Yesterday’s question was about how many muscles the human body has but apparently most of you were more fascinated by old typewriters :)) or just simply googled the answer and contemplated it in silent amazement. In case you haven’t googled the answer it’s 600. We have 600 muscles that help us run, walk, yawn, hear, ride the bike or vomit. (I wanted to finish the sentence with a flourish.)

Since we talked about the smallest and biggest muscles I thought we could find out about the longest muscle in our body. Where do you think it is and what’s it called? We regularly exercise it.

And how do you plan to exercise your biggest and longest muscles today? I’m doing Day 9 of the Strong Challenge. It’s an upper-body routine which I always prefer to lower-body ones especially combo moves…

My mini lifebook can’t be bothered to tell us what to celebrate today so it’s Let’s Not Celebrate Anything Today Day.

PS, let’s give a shout-out to those who can’t post now for various reasons. Have the best day you can possibly have.