Fitness Blender Giveaway + Surprise Summer Sale – June 23, 2021

Fitness Blender Family!

It’s Wednesday, so it must be time for our weekly Giveaway. Who’s ready?

Before we get to the Giveaway, did you happen to notice anything different about the title of our post? See anything different on the website? Interested in what might be going on?

Well, keep reading...

If you’re interested in taking part in this week’s Giveaway, you know what to do—just answer the question in bold here. We do need your answer in the comments below for it to count (it has to be in this same thread for us to track entries, so please respond here only).

** If we had some new Fitness Blender t-shirts (and other swag), what designs would you like to see? **

Okay, you’ve probably already figured it out, but we’re running a 35% Off Site-Wide Summer Sale (now until the end of July)!

So, even if you’re not chosen (randomly) as one of our Giveaway winners this week, who will each receive a free Fitness Blender eGift Card, you have the chance to reward yourself (or maybe a friend) anyway. With eGift Cards, you can:

⮕ purchase FB Plus and access exclusive content and functionality

⮕ purchase Programs (we have 30 to choose from now!)

⮕ purchase sellable Challenges (with more being released soon)

⮕ purchase our calendar-based Meal Plan

⮕ package/bundle your purchases

⮕ give Fitness Blender to friends and family (pay it forward!)

⮕ purchase Fitness Blender for your employees/colleagues

As usual, the Giveaway will be live for 24 hours, so get your answers in. We’ll post our six (6) winners right back here on the Community page.

Good luck to everyone!

Fitness Blender Team