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New Plus Workout: 20 Min Tempo Bodyweight Strength Workout

Good morning FB Family,

We’ve got a new Plus workout for you to try today from yours truly:

Tempo Bodyweight Strength Workout

This 20-minute strength-focused routine can either act as your stand-alone workout for the day or as a finisher to a challenging training session (warm-up and cool-down are not included). If you’re feeling adventurous, I recommend tacking this new workout onto the end of the 14-min Bodyweight HIIT Workout – Total Body Cardio Tabata workout. Trust me. It’s good times.

There are many benefits of tempo training, one of which is the ability to increase the intensity of an exercise without adding an external load (no weights needed). The accessibility of bodyweight-only workouts is perfect for those days when you’re short on time or working out in spaces where weights are not readily available (such as hotel rooms or gyms).

This workout is deceptively challenging! The day after filming I wondered, “What on earth happened?” I quickly remembered. There are a few push-up variations in the second circuit so if you are like me and occasionally struggle with push-ups, try out the new Upper Body Warm Up – Warm Up Exercises for Upper Body Workouts for a little extra focus on waking up the upper body. A little secret: I really didn’t want to do these push-ups because they still aggravate my left arm (I broke it a couple years ago), but they’re part of my process of regaining strength and I figured the FB Family could be part of that journey with me.

Right now, I’m working on a supersets/cardio workout and maybe even a bored easily HIIT routine – stay tuned! I love all the suggestions I have seen for future workout ideas so keep them coming.

I hope you enjoy this total body workout! There are no animal-inspired exercises this time around.