Perspiration Pals 23 June 2021

Hello there, Pals! I had a rough day yesterday – thank you for the lovely messages - but I’m back to tell you that the Sun is trying to kill us. It’s at an average distance of about 150 million kilometres which is a huge distance but keep telling yourselves that when it’s about 35°C outside… Anyway, fortunately our planet has its thin blue blanket so that raging nuclear hell is less dangerous than in outer space but make sure you use sunscreen regardless of your skin colour.

Last week we were talking about our heat producing muscles and other organs and today I have a question for you: we already know that we have 206 bones but how many muscles does the human body have? Also, what type of muscles do we have? Does anyone remember from biology/science class? Don’t worry if you don’t, all you need is the internet. Or a biologist close by.

I’m going to exercise my I don’t know how many muscles after work by doing Day 8 of the Strong Challenge. I haven’t made up my whether to do pure strength training or strength training with a bit of HIIT. We’ll see. How about you?

Mini lifebook says it’s Typewriter Day. Have you ever used a typewriter? Imagine not being able to correct a mistake by just pressing backspace. I don’t have to imagine as I did use a typewriter back in the previous millennium when I was learning to touch type.

PS, Don't believe the doc in the picture. Don't always have to resist all these things.