New Free Workout: Upper Body Warm Up Workout

Good Morning FB Family!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. We've got a new warm up for you this morning, in a new(ish) film spot - don't worry our usual studio isn't going anywhere.

Upper Body Warm Up - Warm Up Exercises for Upper Body Workouts

This workout was a direct request of our FB Community - you were right that we needed more upper body warm ups! I hope this new warm up serves you well, and gets you ready to work hard during the workout that may lie ahead. Even if you aren't following this up with another workout, you should note that this routine feels great as a standalone workout to loosen up the muscles and get the blood flowing - a great option for when you need a break from desk work or enjoying some couch time.

Tomorrow for the new Plus release, we'll be sharing a new walking workout - another request we've seen a lot of lately (keep the requests coming!).

In some personal news - I finally finished the new FB Fit program on Saturday! Much later than I intended but I still crossed the finish line. I finished with that last 1000 calorie workout and it felt great. I'll share a bit more about my experience through the program here in the Community later today.

I hope you all enjoy this new workout!