Goal evaluation week 24

Hello my lovely blendfriends! How are you all doing? I am finally cooling down a bit. We had very warm, muggy weather the last 2 weeks. Today, on the first day of summer, it is raining…

I made no progress with bouldering this week. I only went once this week and I did not feel very strong (last day of my cycle) and it was very warm. But I had fun and practiced, so it was okay.

I have been snacking a bit this week (blaming my cycle on this one as well ;) ) but nothing extreme and it is okay. It does not make me feel guilty anymore, so that is progress.

This week I would like to try and stretch my psoas more often. I know I won’t do them in the morning after my workout, so I am going to try to do them while we watch football (European Championship).

I also noticed that step ups with my left foot are easy, with my right not so much. I have one boulder that I can’t top. I need to push up with my right foot, so to top it, I need to work on my right step up. Going to do 10-20 step ups with my right foot every day.

I am going on yogacamp this weekend. Lots of stretching, yogaclasses, meditation and me-time. I am going to leave my phone at home (or turn off my data/wi-fi) and enjoy the weekend for myself.

Foodwise: ease up on the snacking again and mindful mealtimes.. No phone or work while I eat breakfast / lunch (that is going to be a difficult one, it is a nasty habit that snuck in.. Evening meals are okay, we have those together no phones at the table..)

How are you doing this week? Do you have any new goals you will work on, or are you continuing with the ones you had?

Remember: you are working out for you. For your health, to feel strong, to change your physique, to improve your stamina. Whatever your reasons or goals, do it for you!