Is it time for a break?

Hi fbf

I’ve been working out with FB consistently with no hiccups for about 2 years now (mind you I’m definitely a type-A 😂) doing advanced level 4/5 workouts switching intermittently between mass building and fat loss. But I have reached a point where the love I have for working out is dissipating. Just the last couple weeks I’ve been finding it harder and harder to get on the mat (not for a lack motivation) I always do the workout but I’ve noticed that I’m not excited by it anymore, I’m not pushing myself as hard and have started to appreciate and enjoy the mornings I can stay in bed longer when I don’t workout 😆. I was thinking would it be a smart idea to take a break from working out maybe just to give myself some time to start missing it and then give myself a fresh start? I guess it could be a better option than burning out and quitting completely right? (I still have an physical day job with kids so I’ll be ‘active’).

Have any of you taken a break from working out because you weren’t loving it anymore? If so, how many days is good?

I obviously don’t want to loose progress but I can always remind myself that I can regain strength and all that relatively quickly.

Anyways sorry for the mumble jumble 😅

Will appreciate any advice given xx