Boot camp

Those who follow me on Instagram will have probably seen my stories - but I just thought I'd share this here to help others who may be in the same boat!

At the weekend, my sister-in-law invited me to do a boot camp with her. Her neighbour now has her own business, and runs 4 week boot camps regularly. My SIL didn't have a partner and wanted some company, so I straight away said 'sure' knowing it would make her feel better. But as the day got closer I was thinking about it all the time and it was making me nervous! The thought of working out in front of *who knows how many people!* (I now know - 20 due to covid) actually scared the living daylight out of me!

Last night I was sat fully ready 30 minutes before I even had to set off. (I had to keep nipping for a pee because I couldn't contain my nerves!) Once I set off, I felt like I could burst into tears just fearing how dumb and embarrassing I could look in front of people. I know exactly what I'm doing working out in my dining room with weights and bands, but no no no I can't do it in front of other people!

I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO WORRY. 1 hour of HIIT/circuit training with a bunch of supportive and motivational women did me the world of good! Don't get me wrong, it was challenging - but I powered my way through and as I was working out I was thinking 'look how strong I look'! I was so impressed with myself, when I got home I was actually boasting to my other half! The PT asked me three times what my secret was because she knew I did something behind closed doors - I proudly told her that my form and knowledge is all thanks to Fitness Blender, and she checked it out last night.

SO - I have to say thanks to Kelli, Daniel & Fitness Blender for everything they have passed on to me. But also, if you want to give something like an exercise class, or boot camp a go and you're scared.....don't be! The people who run and attend these classes will always be the motivational and helpful kind, and there's really nothing to worry about. Get yourself there and show everyone how good you are! You will NEVER come away feeling ashamed ❤