Results for Giveaway – June 16, 2021

Fitness Blender family!

Thanks so much to each of you who took part in this week’s Giveaway. We really enjoy reading through your answers and finding out what kinds of video content you’d like to see. You definitely gave us a lot of great ideas!

Here are this week’s Giveaway winners:

  • Tina W - kbethwil
  • Mima - fb-1041978
  • Manda - fb-823016
  • Maryem J - fb-602716
  • Sarah A - fb-180193
  • Stacia N - stacianem

Congratulations to each of you! We really hope you enjoy your eGift Cards. Please let us know what you choose—a Workout Program, the calendar-based Meal Plan, or a few months of FB Plus.

Again, thanks to everyone who took part—we’ll have another Giveaway for you next week.

Fitness Blender Team