Fitness Blender Giveaway – June 16, 2021

Fitness Blender family,

Are you ready for this week’s Giveaway?

If you’re interested in taking part this week, you know what to do—just answer the question in bold here. We do need your answer in the comments below for it to count (it has to be in this same thread for us to track entries, so please respond here only).

** What is your favorite thing about exercise? Do you remember a time when things just “clicked” and you really started to enjoy your workouts? **

We hope you saw our Community post about Tasha’s new video today, along with some updates about upcoming videos. We noticed that a good number of you already dove in and tackled Tasha’s combo routine. It was a tough one.

Our winners this week, who are chosen (at random), will receive a Fitness Blender eGift Card, which can be used to purchase Workout Programs, our calendar-based Meal Plan, or FB Plus subscriptions.

As usual, the Giveaway will be live for 24 hours, so get your answers in. We’ll post our six (6) winners right back here on the Community page.

Good luck to everyone!

Fitness Blender Team