Beach volleyball = brutal!

Hey all, how are you doing? 😊

Today I went to play volleyball with coworkers from another department and one colleague from my department. I was looking forward to it, as I played volleyball previously and sometimes quite well (on a hard surface!!)

Well, today it was beach volleyball session, Ive never played on sand before and boy was it difficult! First shock - HOT SAND! I reconsidered being barefoot and put on my shoes and that was manageable. Another thing, I was out of breath very quickly and had to actively work on my breathing pattern. Playing on hard surface vs sand is like regular cardio vs brutal HIIT. Or weighted cardio. On burnig sun. And everythings on fire.😂

The whole match lasted an hour, so I am pretty exhausted after that. Still I had great fun with an awesome group of people and hopefully this becomes our weekly routine! 😊

I did have my share of sort of HIIT/cardio for the week, so I might just replace FB Blend day 3 with this volleyball session. It was a great change for me not to work out alone but in a group, and also it being more fun than a workout. 😊 Though everyone felt exhausted after the match. 😅

Question for yall: Have you ever played volleyball, no matter the surface? Did you like it or not your cuppa tea? Do tell. 😊

I hope yall are having a great week! Tomorrow is a little Friday, so dont worry, the weekend is just around the corner! 😁

...also, got sunburned a little bit 🏐🔥