New Plus Workout: 42 Min Combination Strength Circuit + Tabata

Good morning FB Family,

How is everyone today? We've got a tough new Plus workout for you this morning:

Combination Strength Circuits with Lower Body Tabata Cardio

Summary: Your heart rate will remain elevated throughout much of this workout as you alternate between circuits of combination strength exercises and lower body focused Tabatas. The heart-pumping effect of combination-style strength circuits, in which the muscles of the lower and upper body are recruited for each exercise, typically leads to an increase in calorie burn, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and a sense of accomplishment amidst all the sweatiness. Warm up, workout and cool down are included.

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On a personal note, yesterday I filmed a new lower body workout (with a step & resistance band), and I'm nice and sore today. I'm almost finished with FB Fit Round 3 - really just that 1000 calorie workout left on the last day, and I'm excited to tackle it.

What challenges are you tackling this week? Have you checked out all of the new Expert articles, or any of these great new recipes?

Thank you all again for so warmly welcoming Tasha to our Fitness Blender Family, we are still buzzing with the excitement. We hope you enjoy this new workout, let us know what you would like to see from us next!