FB Fit R3 - Day 17 Complete!

Today was a HIIT/core workout with Daniel, but since HIIT, or even MIIT or LIIT, wasn't possible today, swapped it with another difficult core workout with Daniel and did the scheduled EC at the end to make it a challenging pure strength workout instead of cardio/strength.

Core is the nemesis, so focusing soley on strength training without the distraction/fatigue of integrated HIIT/cardio was great! :) It seems like the 2-week Abs challenge might be set up similarly - 3 days of core strength training with 2 days of separate cardio/HIIT. Core isn't known to burn a lot of calories, hence why HIIT/cardio is often added to core days. However, integrated HIIT/cardio in core routines can be somewhat detrimental for those with weaker core muscles, compared to other muscles, who can benefit more from pure core strength training rather than mixed cardio/strength - in order to be able to give 100% effort to core muscle-building rather than diluting it with cardio.

The HIIT portion of today's workout might be good for a burst of cardio later in the day if the body is feeling up to it, otherwise the usual daily cardio from walking, chores, movement, etc. will be good enough for today.

Along those lines, it would be really interesting to see some FB workouts where the strength training portion is first and the HIIT/cardio is at the end instead of at the beginning or interspersed throughout the workout. While one can manually do that with any of the current routines by stopping/starting and skipping around, for those of us who do better following along exactly as is, it would be very cool to see some new workouts in a different format like that. :)

Happy blending everyone! :)