Reach Day 3 and update

live instruction pilates! - can every pilates and yoga video be like this? i very much enjoyed that! ❤️

so i had my 2nd PT appt yesterday - im getting the assistant now instead of the owner ha. shes more about stretching me out and getting me back functioning. i have to focus on walking normally especially when im not hurting because i tend to get lazy and just limp all the time.

i mentioned my ankle hurting and based on the symptoms it could be arthritis(since i have degenerative arthritis in my big toe joints and they found it in my L4/L5) and this is just aggravating it. Also my calf muscle constantly feeling like its in spasm - she said its more like a cramp because im just generally wicked tight from the piriformis all the way to the calf.

so of course to continue stretching,yoga, pilates and even once i get back to full function and weights not only make sure i stretch after but still do yoga at least once a week.

next appointment friday. im just over it now since it summer ugh!