Simple Real Food for a Hot Sunny Day - (simplified Indonesian Gado-Gado)

Hey all Blendies, hope you're all doing okay. Just a quick check-in to say hello and share with you a light meal for my late lunch at home.

It's been very hot here in France for the past week and the temperature will likely to go up even more.

No willpower to cook or prepare something in the oven.

So I just toss some raw vegetables (cherry tomatoes and cucumber) with a can of whole kernel corn. I add a mix of black Beluga lentils and chickpeas cooked yesterday and throw a small handfull of cooked potatoes and hard boiled eggs. A creamy and nutty peanut sauce (seasoned with salt, pepper, lime, and Indonesian kecap manis/thick soy sauce) on the side. And voilà...

This is my attempt to make a fresh and delicious Indonesian Gado-Gado but alas... I only got very limited ingredients. So this is by no means a good traditional Indonesian Gado-Gado but it's still really yummy.

Carbs: potatoes, lentils, chickpeas

Proteins: lentils, eggs

Fat: 100% pure peanut butter

Fiber/veggies: cherry tomatoes, cucumber

Cheers and take care everyone.