2wk Reach complete and next!

so i finished up the 2 week reach challenge today! it certainly was a different experience!

i am still watching what i eat and started keeping track on the weekend a few weekends ago since that has always been my nemesis. its definitely helped because i tend to eat when im bored and even still did it conciously ha! but having to write it down has definitely made me think twice! so in the time since my sciatica started i havent gained any weight! that of course is always my biggest fear - i had bilateral foot sugery in 2018 for my big toe degenerative arthritis and couldnt do anything for 5 weeks and gained 5lbs. and this time im trying to keep up the modeling ive been doing!

so tomorrow im going to start the 4week Reach program. i didnt do the fitness test as of course I dont run, and i can do 500 squats without weights. but my main goals will be flexibility (sit and reach i cant reach past my knees so sad!) - posture and patience i guess ha!

i did create a custom workout for PT and wont be working out on those days of course! I also bought a physioball off amazon as the therapist has me using it for my home exercises so im gonna need my own workout room soon haha!

have a great sunday blenders!