so i had my first PT appt this morning!

he found spasms in my back even tho my back doest hurt and my piriformis muscle is in spasm which is what i thought.

im not standing straight because my muscles are so tight and i have decreased range of motion and mobility on my right side(so its not all in my head haha) and i mentioned my ankle had started hurting a few days ago - its because of the way im standing and walking.

plan is to have pt 2/3x week plus do home exercises 2/3 xday on off days and i can continue with the yoga and pilates- Yay? i guess monday i will start the 4 week reach program!- of course not on days i have pt

he thinks ill feel better pretty quickly but hes giving me 6 weeks.

i already feel better knowing im gonna feel better!! thank you everyone for your support! ❤️