FB Fit - Day 16 - Combination Upper Body Strength

I completed the workouts for today. One was a Complete Upper Body Workout for Strength & Toning: Arms, Shoulders, Chest, and Back Workout with Kellie, then other one was a All Strength Upper Body Workout - Upper Body Muscle Building Workout with Daniel. Both of the workouts were really good workouts to get the muscles burning in the arms, because by the time I was doing the extra credit workout my arms were really feeling it then.

So when you get a good workout or workouts like that to the point when your arms start burning, then you know to take it easy for the next couple of days. Like when I twisted my knee yesterday I have been taking it easy on my left knee and I hope that it will be all better by tomorrow. Because I have a core and lower body workout for tomorrow and I want to be able to really workout both of my legs even.

Kinda of like the one line from a country song that I like that really stands out to me or to anyone that falls or gets injured, "Every time I fall I get back up again, sit my saddle up and find me another wind". It kinda more refers to a cowboy in the song but I think you might get the point if you really think about it and just let it set in. Because sometimes there are some lines in certain songs that really stand out to us and we just want to tell someone else about it.

But then it wouldn't mean anything to you anymore after you have told it to someone else instead of keeping it as a secret to yourself in your mind and lock it away.