FB Fit R3 - Day 11 Complete! (and "ring of fire" partial eclipse)

Despite feeling quite sluggish after yesterday's brutal but fun HIIT/core workout, today's UB strength with Daniel was a good one.

The incorporated burnout at the end added a bit of nice variety to the traditional supersets strength training and made the arms burn well enough that the EC probably isn't happening today, especially after taking time to view today's "ring of fire" partial solar eclipse and falling behind schedule. Had a nice viewing window with partly cloudy skies before rain obscured the skies.

Really looking forward to tomorrow's LB pilates flow with Kelli - yay, Pilates!! :D Recuperating from injury, when pilates was the only type of strength training possible, was a journey from hating to loving Pilates - not only for how effective it is at strengthening and even building visible muscle, but especially for the excellent form correction and feedback it provides that builds a solid foundation for better lifting, and also for its zen calm of an unhurried, meditatively focused style.

(Eclipse picture taken by a family member in another location today, ours wasn't so spectacular ;))