Lime Ranch Chicken Black Bean Tacos

Hello everyone!

Hope the week has been good to you! The week seems to be dragging for me even though I've been busy with work. But on the upside, I've got my eye on the birds. Lol! I am a first time owner of a new bird feeder so I am thrilled to be taking the necessary eye breaks from the computer to watch all the different bird species and their feeding behavior. It's a lovely distraction. So, far there has been a morning dove, both male and female cardinal, red finch, red-winged black bird and a grackle at the feeder. Nature is amazing! I think I found a new way to relax.

Now getting to this tasty dish! Tonight's dinner was two soft tacos lightly smeared with ranch dressing and a spritz of fresh lime juice. Then stuffed with shredded chicken (leftovers or rotisserie), salsa, minced onion, black beans and shedded mexican cheese. Folded on top of garden fresh lettuce mix and garnished with lime wedges and more shredded cheese. I chose to warm my tacos before plating so the cheese would be slightly melted on the inside. So good!