New Plus Workout - Upper Body Strength to Improve Posture

Good morning!

We have a new Plus workout for you today:

Upper Body Strength to Improve Posture - Home Bodyweight or Dumbbell Posture Workout

This posture-specific strength/toning routine is built specifically to help correct rounded shoulders. The best thing you can do for yourself is make sure you are checking your posture constantly throughout the day to remind yourself to pull your shoulders back and down to make sure your spine is as close to neutral as you can for as much of the day as you can. However, all of us forget from time to time and tight chest muscles and over-stretched back muscles can lead to those shoulders rounding forward and make it more challenging to sit or stand with good posture. Sometimes you need to focus on correcting the damage that has already been done, and that is the intent with which this routine was built.

This workout can be done in two different ways—with or without extra weight. If you choose to do this with only bodyweight, as it is demonstrated in the video, then you will be doing light correction with more of a focus on toning/tightening the muscles of the back and shoulder. On the other hand, you can add in dumbbells to the upper body portion if you feel you need more intense correction, which requires building up more strength to the targeted muscle groups.

Improving my posture has moved up to the top of my priority list lately, so I foresee myself tackling this routine soon - desk jobs are so deceptively rough on the body! It's hard to believe that something with so little movement can be so detrimental but I feel it by the end of the more sedentary work days. On that note, be sure to read this new free Expert article, that covers everything from protecting your posture, vision, and counteracting the hours of sitting: Essential Tips To Taking Care of Yourself When You Work at a Desk

If you work at a desk, have you noticed any difference in your posture since you started? Are there any things that you do, in order to help prevent bad posture while at work? I like taking frequent short breaks, just to stand up and move around for a minute or enjoy a quick stretch. It can help a lot.

We hope you love this new workout!