FB Fit R3 - Day 8 Complete...

Between the warm-up walk and start of today's HIIT + strength workout with Daniel, an old knee injury decided to make an unexpected appearance, rendering the explosive squats and lunges of the HIIT portion impossible and limiting the weight for the sumo squats and lunges to bodyweight only in the strength portion, which was a bummer. :(

Overall, the workout was just okay - not great, not terrible. While it can certainly be effective at burning out the quads and hamstrings, it didn't do much for other muscles, especially if one is already quad/hamstring dominant.

Despite originally planning to turn the HIIT + HIIT sections into HIIT + MIIT/LIIT as needed, did full HIIT + HIIT while substituting other equally effective HIIT exercises for the jumping squats and lunges the knee wouldn't allow. Surprisingly, the HIIT portion was interesting - even though the specific exercises were repeated 4 times total (2xs + 2xs) they were fairly well varied and actually not "dreadful" like some HIIT can be. ;) The humidity in the room went up 2% during the workout from the HIIT sections! ;)

For the strength portion, there were only squats (2 types) and lunges (2 types) and that was it. The static holds were an interesting feature added to the strength training, similar to pulses, but it would have been nice to have had more different exercises targeting different muscle groups instead of repeating the few there were 2xs. The static holds were especially difficult at times due to CNS issues, and it felt like the strength portion wasn't as well-rounded as usual LB workouts due to the HIIT and static holds taking up a larger amount of time than the lifting. The repeat of the static holds was not so fun...no superhumans here, lol! ;)

Also, this style of workout can be a trigger for competitors used to ignoring the body and pushing through no matter what because of the static holds and repetitive format with few exercises. It's hard to listen to the body and take breaks knowing there are only a few exercises total which are repeated, so modifying or taking breaks can make one feel like one might not be getting a thorough enough workout for particular muscles.

In summary, this is definitely not a favorite workout, although those who enjoy a quad/hamstring focused burnout will be able to appreciate it.

The EC Pilates flow with Kelli was a welcome way to target the glutes which were neglected in the main workout, and the CNS fatigue from the static holds necessitated a few short breaks during a couple of the exercises. The EC is a new favorite glute-focused workout. :)

All in all, very glad this day is complete, and really looking forward to tomorrow's chill traditional superset strength training with Kelli - nope, not doing the cardio kick-boxing option - to loosely quote Daniel from a 1000 calorie workout it'd be like "being poked in the eye with a fork", lol! ;)

Hope your week is off to a good start and happy blending everyone!