Perspiration Pals 07-June-2021

What’s up, P Pals?

I'm typing this pre-today’s-workout, but I already know I’ll be procrastinating. 😉 It’s Monday, can you blame me?! 🤣

It’s 44°C outside and I can barely cope now, let alone during the actual summer. Yep, y’all, this is just the prelude. 🥵😨 I do have working ACs, no worries.

However, I need to get back into exercise, and I’m thinking about starting something today. Fit3 and FB30 are the latest competitors, but I’m also considering Burn and Strong. New Reach is already on my schedule and I walk very late in the evening, which means, I’m sleep-deprived. 🙄 It always comes with the heat…

Work is slowly becoming stabilized, but still very busy. I had problems with my Visa and almost ended up going home before my end of the contract, however, it’s all settled now. Not that I feel going home is torture or punishment, I was ready (and almost eager😅) to do so. I mean, the bliss of your own home and bed and foods, and naturally, the closeness of your loved ones… 🥰 But, that would mean, I haven’t achieved what I came here for, which ultimately means, my sacrifices were in vain. Luckily that’s not the case as all is sorted out.

The only thing remaining is sharing about foods, which in my case is not a lot. I mean, there’s a lot of food involved because I love yummy in my tummy. But that’s nothing new. 😅🤣

And please, do share your menus💡, make my mouth water yet again. 🤤

Now, off to get some chocolate and then enough about me. What's up with y'all? What are your plans for this week? 😉

P.S. We welcome everyone in these threads. Please feel free to pop by to say just a hello or more, if you'd like. We'd love to hear from you. If you choose to be a silent Blender today, we hope you get the support you seek. Take care. 🤗