FB Fit - Day 11 -

I completed my workout for today. Everything that Daniel said at the beginning of the workout of what the workout was going to do to those upper body muscles he was right because my arms were toast and tired by the end of the workout.

But that is the important part to really tired those muscles out while getting in a good workout too in building muscles in all the parts of your upper body in a upper body workout. Even if you are not doing a workout but you are working outside and are getting in a upper body workout, it's still good to remember to target all the muscles in the upper body in the workout. Sometimes it can even be good to do a really good long stretching routine after you are done completely working out, so that way the muscles can relax.

Like all this morning I was working out my arms all morning even when I was done with the workout that, I did with Daniel my arms still worked and I stretched them out after I was done. By the time the afternoon rolled around my arms were able to take a break, so instead when I went down to play and I was running around down on the lower property. My legs were getting in there workout for today even though I wasn't running around a lot I was doing some running around on the lower property.

So even though I was busy all day again today, I still had fun while I working around the house this morning I still had fun when, I went down on the lower property to play a game that I made up in my mind with my imagination.