Training for a 10-14 hour hike (Half Dome in Yosemite)

Hi everyone! I'll be attempting Half Dome in Yosemite a month from now. It is a challenging hike; 17 miles round trip, 8000+ ft elevation gain, and has cables at the end which require upper body strength.

To train - I don't have a stair master, or a treadmill I can up the incline on, but I do know walks, hikes, and of course, FB workouts are the perfect way to improve my fitness. I'm a long time FB fan but wanted to set some goals and ask if there are any of you hikers out there and if you have any advice! I've admittedly lost a lot of strength & endurance in 2021, but I'm trying not to beat myself up for the rest my body needed and other health conditions I was facing. For context, I've been doing yoga the past few months (good bodyweight strength), but haven't had the regime I had last year with other strength and endurance workouts :(, but have been going on a lot of walks and have been on a few hikes. I've definitely done FB workouts here and there but not as regularly as I did until Jan 2021. (How is it Jun already!)

I do want to give my best shot in the next 4.5 weeks and try my best. Some of the programs I own - FB Mass, FB Fit R2, FB Burn R2 (done once Jan/Feb 2020) and FB Abs R2 (done once Jun/Jul 2020) and I'm not sure which I should go with (or are there any other programs? e.g. I have Sweat, Bored Easily). I'm mostly worried about the journey of getting to the top with so many switchbacks and elevation gain and want to feel strong and fit that my lungs and legs can handle it. I'm sure all FB workouts will help, but I want to make the most of the next 4 weeks and strategize carefully, so any advice and motivation is much appreciated!!

EDIT: I also did FB Low Impact R1 this year. It was awesome! (I did FB LI Round 2 in Sep/Oct 2020)