What Our Bodies Need Most...

How often do you check in with your body, really consciously check in, when it comes to choosing your workouts? Or when you finish a week? Maybe when you finish an entire program?

Just as important - how willing are you to change your plans based on how you’re feeling and the signals your body is sending you?

It’s so important to learn to listen to the cues your body is sending, and adjust accordingly. Don’t think of it as failure or giving up if you have to take an extra rest day or dial back the intensity of a workout you have planned. On the other hand, listening to your body may actually have you ramping up the intensity or adding an extra credit routine at the end of your workout.

The bottom line is to stay present and aware. Working out smartly is the best way to make sustained progress, avoid injury, and feel good about the effort you’re putting in to be healthy and more functionally fit.

So, Fitness Blender family, what kind of #workoutcomplete are you getting today?

P.S. New workouts go live tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday...be on the lookout!