👻checkin Sunday 6-6

Hello again all you lovely people in all the different parts of this world! How is this Sunday finding you? Compared to yesterday, the weather is a bit “bleh” here, overcast and fairly windy. So our plan of cycling over to one of our favourite beaches for a seaswim and a picnic lunch have been postponed. What are/were your plans for today? Does that happen a lot to you that plans you made have to be rearranged because of a cranky weather forecast? Here on the coast the weather forecasters must find it very difficult, considering they often get it wrong. Well, book and jigsaw instead!

What about workouts? Does your calendar show anything at all today? Mine shows one of my favourite 20 min stretch routines: https://www.fitnessblender.com/videos/relaxing-stretching-workout-feel-good-stretches-for-stress-relief

We are also going for a seaswim with our seaswimmers club as the sea is not too wild. Then this afternoon I am planning a run (hopefully 8k) as training for a race later this month. Have you got any races/ sporting events coming up, considering more is now being allowed again? Or are you still/again very much in lockdown?

What about food? Oops… no idea again! No idea even if it is my turn to cook or my husband’s. 🤞it’s his turn! How about your plates today? What are they going to be topped with? Something nice and comforting? Something new and exciting?

What about a Sunday question?? What is your favourite flower? Every time I walk past some poppies on my way down to the beach, I get excited! I love poppies!!! They definitely are my favourite flower, do delicate and so bright red. Photo shows some I took a year or so ago on a Sunday afternoon.

Anyway, really looking forward to your workout plans, your food plans and especially your favourite flowers! So let’s hear it from you!