Website Maintenance, New Releases, and Upcoming Week

Thank you for your patience during our website maintenance yesterday. Everything went according to plan, and some important updates to our database and calendar system are now live. Thanks, as always, to our amazing design/dev team!

In addition to these infrastructure updates, we launched a new FB Plus workout this week AND June’s FB Plus Workout Challenge (Reach).

42 Minute Upper Body Strength with Alternating Repetitions and Cardio Intervals

FB Plus Reach Challenge

We’ve got new things for you this coming week too with a new free workout going live on Monday, and new Plus workouts coming Tuesday & Wednesday.

Keep the ideas coming for what you’d like to see next!

P.S. We also (as usual) pushed new Healthy Recipes and Expert Articles live this week, so if you’re in the mood for some great dishes and informative reading, you know where to come.