đź‘»checkin Saturday 5-6

Hello there all you lovely blenderbuddies, blendies, blendfriends! How are you faring today in your neck of the woods?

Well I am definitely in the middle of nowhere... marshalling (i.e. not running it myself) on a steeple chase 10k/half/marathon race. Blue skies, green fields and trees and.... sitting, standing around, shouting encouragement to all the contestants! Not doing anything else today, so I guess I can call it an active rest day! What about you, all you good people? Active, non-active,half active, lots of little activity, one big activity?? Let’s hear it from you! I am sitting here in the blazing sun in total awe of all these people doing a half marathon/whole marathon in this crazy heat (well, 24 degrees centigrade is crazy by English standards!). Do you like hot weather? Me, I love heat, but couldn’t run in it like all these people now are doing.

And as to food: no idea what I am eating as long as it is not garlic. Surrounded here by wild garlic and the smell, though wonderful, is getting a bit overpowering! Will you be using garlic today? Have you ever used wild garlic? Apparently you can use all the bits of wild garlic, the bulb, the leaves, the flowers... what “unusual” ingredients do you like using??

Well I will be posting this tonight when I have internet again... but thought I would type this in my break as I am really enjoying myself! Hope you are having an equally enjoyable Saturday!

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