HKS (Heathly, Kind, Support) Accountability Group June 5

Happy Saturday Blendfriends,

Thought for the Day:

"I witness thoughts as energy. If my thoughts are negative, then that’s a lot of negative energy impacting the world, yet if my thoughts are Positive that is a lot of positive energy impacting the world. Lets make an effort to have a Positive impact today."

Today is a rest day from workouts for me. I will be doing things in the gardens and finding time to relax by the river.

What fun and interesting things do you have planned for the day?

The picture is of my Larkspur Forest. They are suppose to grow 12-18 inches high. Mine are 3-5 feet tall. The hummingbirds and butterflies love them so they are awesome to have around the property.

Just a reminder everyone is welcomed on the thread to comment, get support or just drop by to say Hi.

Peace, love and harmony