Perspiration Pals 3 June 2021

Hi Pals! I hope you had a good night’s sleep and you pandiculated (reference to yesterday’s question) after waking up. If not, make sure you do as it’s good for you.

A couple of weeks ago when I was reading about muscles and bones, I read an article in which biology professors and other professionals were asked what they thought some of the least important body parts were. There were many answers and they were all quite interesting but what do you think the answers were? My favourite answer was about a particular muscle that some people don’t even have.

The muscles I have are slightly sore and they will be even more so because I’m going to do Day 17 of Fit3 which is a rather tough routine with Daniel. I first scheduled this routine about 4 years ago and I kept repeating it from time to time because I couldn’t believe how difficult I found it. We’ll see how I’ll perform today…

What about you? Is there a particular routine you dread or find really difficult?

My mini lifebook doesn’t have anything to say about today and I have no reason to celebrate because I got some bad news yesterday so if I don’t respond to all of you, please don’t take it personally. Have a nice, sunshiny day!