Good Morning Blenders,

Thank you for all your support! ❤️

I had a televisit followup with pcp this morning. she feels it is sciatica, maybe from lifting heavy i aggravated my back and set it off.

as expected shes sending me for PT and im cleared to do stretching, yoga and pilates- so guess who will be doing the new 2 week plus challenge? without this happening i never would have done it. maybe my body just needed a break! she also told me i could do low impact cardio which i laughed at im like i can barely walk!

I tried to sleep on my back last night with my legs elevated like everything says but it was painful? so i slept how i was Im still in agony every morning until i get moving but id rather be able to sleep.

bf is an awesome caretaker! ❤️

edit: i ordered a foam roller from amazon and it came yesterday! so i have that too! i know that can be a fun time too haha