Perspiration Pals 2 June 2021

Hello Pals! It’s relatively early in the morning and I like the peace and quiet in the office. It’s a lot easier to get anything done without being interrupted by other people’s enthusiasm.

Last time we were talking about muscles, specifically about muscle cramps, so I thought we could get back to bones a little. Here’s a question: What’s the name the so-called ‘free floating’ bone, the only bone in humans that does not articulate with any other bone. I really don’t expect you to know the answer right away. I only know it because I used to watch the series Bones and since I wanted to know what they were talking about I learned the names of all the bones in the body and I still remember some of them… I have a bonus question too. What does ‘pandiculation’ mean? I’ll give you a clue: it’s the first thing we (and some animals) do right after we wake up. It’s instinctive and feels good.

Talking about animals, my mini lifebook says it’s Hug Your Cat Day. So dear Pals, if you have a cat, please hug it. Carefully, though. We all know how cats feel about hugs. They aren’t always in the mood to show their affection and instead they show their claws. Or teeth. Or both.

Moving on to exercising our muscles and bones, rather than just talking about them, what are your plans for today? I’m going to do Day 16 of Fit3, it’s an upper-body day and I even have two options. Yay!

Have a bright, sunshiny day, everybody! Eat good food (and tell us about it).