xray update

Hello all!

first thank you all for your ideas info and support! theres so much love here ❤️

ok im seriously getting old 😂

just got a call back about the xray from yesterday- it does not seem to be compressed discs - but there are some "mild degenerative changes" in my L4/L5 and s1 so to follow up with pcp - so PT is probably in my future and maybe MRI - im not surprised since i have degenerative arthritis in both my big toe joints. also after 11 years of crazy hiit and strength training..

i did some stretching this morning determined to get stuff done today - was able to shower, get lunches made etc. bf did the dishes and carried the laundry downstairs ❤️❤️❤️

im still limping but walking upright- of course now my leg hurts again but trying to resist the urge to curl up on the couch. trying to be more positive today also!

im not a fan of yoga and pilates but it looks like thats where im headed ha!