Expert topic suggestion: supplements (not talking about diet tea/steroid types)

Hello fbfam! Hopefully you all are doing well.

I have been with fitness blender since 2016. I am very aware of fitness blender’s ethical policy about not encouraging any type of supplements as short cuts to healthy body and mind which I am really grateful for. But as a woman who is reaching 40 in couple of years, I am thinking more about my declining metabolism, bone health, muscle loss etc. Not to mention those extra wrinkles or grey hair l am noticing more often in the mirror! 🙃

If I try to google about supplements (and I did!), it just made me even more confused. Everyone is trying to sell some whey protein isolate/diet tea that “made miracle” to “get ripped”! So, here I am requesting to my trusted fitness family.

It will be very nice to get some insight from your wonderful team of experts about whether supplements are something to consider post some certain age? If yes, then from when? And if no, then why? My list of interests consist of (but not limited to) protein supplements to reduce muscle loss, magnesium supplements, fish oils, collagen supplements etc.

Thank you for reading. Hope you are having a lovely day.

PS. In case I missed some expert articles on this topic, please enlighten me.