Another update...

so as of this morning i still couldnt really walk without a limp or even function and last night i barely slept so i made an appointment at my drs office clinic today -

she actually examined me(unlike the ER doc 🙄) and thinks it is Sciatica(but did do an xray) and prescribed Flexerill and gave me some exercises to do and follow up with pcp and maybe PT. ive never ever taken Flexerill so this should be interesting haha.

BF has been so great at taking care of me! this actually hurts worse than both my foot surgery and getting my tubes tied! 😢 i had no idea it was like this!

heres hoping flexerill at least makes life bearable - forget working out laundry needs to be done!

i promise when i get back to working out to be stretching after!! and havent worked out in 4 days which doesnt sound like much but except for vacation that is a long time for me! the longest i ever went was 5 weeks when i had my foot surgery and the not working out was the most painful part!